Academics of Lomonosov MSU Branch in Sevastopol

Education in Sevastopol Branch of Moscow State University is provided according to the programs based on the Russian Federal Educational Standards or MSU educational standards of III generation. The programs cover integrated bachelors and masters training which is carried out through higher education requirements. All the programs have been tested at faculties and institutions of Moscow State University and approved by the University’s Big Scientific Council.

Course teaching is carried out by the faculty staff of the Branch and leading specialists of central MSU, who are seconded to Sevastopol or use video conferencing for their classes.

The students of Sevastopol Brunch are specializing in:

  • Public Administration
  • Journalism
  • Geography
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Philology
  • Management
  • History
  • Psychology

MSU Diploma, issued to graduates of the Branch in the city Sevastopol, is identical to the documents on higher education of central Moscow State University. The diploma is a bilingual (in Russian and English) official document, signed by the Rector of central Moscow State University and certified by the uniform stamped seal of the University in Moscow.

Sevastopol Branch of Lomonosov MSU has a Preparatory Department, second higher education training and professional training courses through more than 20 different programs, online courses, MBA programs. Once successfully passed, the official supporting documents of Moscow State University are conferred.

Foreign citizens have an opportunity to follow the main and specialized programs of central Moscow State University for obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree, to study disciplines in Russian and English in the Preparatory Department of Sevastopol Branch for further admission to a university.

Sevastopol Branch conducts training of foreign citizens on the Russian language as foreign and complex testing in the Russian language, Russian history, and the basics of legislation of the Russian Federation for obtaining foreigners’ permit as a worker (patent), temporary residence permit (TRP), or residence permit (RP) in the Russian Federation.

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